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Discectomy Cost

Although the cost of discectomy is a very real factor in your decision to go ahead with surgery, it is also important to consider the reputation and ability of the operating surgeon before making a major decision like this.

Discectomy Cost

Typically the cost of discectomy surgery will vary from $15,000 plus hospital and anesthesia bills up to $75,000 if a spinal fusion surgery is required to stabilize the spine. Hospital fees and anesthesia bills will typically be around $15,000. The worst case scenario would run you close to $100,000 if a spinal fusion is required.

Microdiscectomy cost

Typically the cost of Microdiscectomy will range from $20,000 – $50,000 depending on the fees for the operating facility, anesthesia cost, and surgeon price. Again, as stated earlier, it is important to be aware of the level of expertise your surgeon has with this surgery along with his or her reputation; cost isn’t always everything.

Micro Endoscopic Discectomy Price

Because this surgery is often performed in an outpatient environment and under general anesthesia, the costs associated with the surgery, such as the hospital fees and the anesthetist’s fees will be much lower than with a traditional open back discectomy. You can expect the total cost to be considerably less.

Discectomy Success Rate

Success rates truly depend on your operating surgeon. With most micro and micro endoscopic discectomy surgery a success rate of 90-95% is common. You must also be aware that success rates themselves do not mean total pain relief. To be classed as a success the procedure only need to reduce the patient’s pain. Do not be daunted by this though, as more often than not the reduction in pain is complete or very near to it. When considering if you will undergo microscopic or endoscopic surgery the key factor is the surgeons expertise and the results he or she has had with previous patients.

Extra Discectomy Cost Factors

The extra discectomy costs may possibly include a back brace that will run you upwards of $75, medication that may be in the 100’s of dollars, follow up doctor appointments, and physical therapy that will end up in the end costing you close to $1000 for the multiple sessions that you will require.

A discectomy procedure should not be the first choice for healing your back pain but when left with no options the price tag associated with it will be worth it in the long run. There may be expenses, but they are not anything compared to living a lifetime with crippling back and leg pain. The advice I give everyone is to find a highly skilled and reputable surgeon to perform this surgery to be certain that it will be performed correctly.